Saturday, April 19, 2003

My life in dreams, traffic, haste, and doubt

Still climbing!
"My life, in dreams, traffic, haste and doubt."

Tokyo, a megalopolis of the polite and impersonal.
My home and family, more often than not, are my office building and coworkers.
Such is the life of a "salary man".

End of a holiday weekend. Always the fantasy that I am visiting home again, if only for a short while. Now I don't know what to say. Yes, I have what I wished for; so surprised it came true. That old saying, "seek and you shall find" is no joke. Now if I could only find the exit. We need something new to imagine where we can go from here. Sweep the hollow victories aside and all the sacrifices that went with it. Time for a new plan...

Reminiscent of the gospel song grandmummy enjoyed on Sundays:

"Lord, don't move this mountain
But give me strength to climb it!
Please don't move this stumbling block,
But lead me, Lord, around it!
I'm climbing up the rough side of the mountain
I'm doing my best to make it in!"

Although I am not a very religious man, I know what it means.

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