Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For the Love of You

Driftin’ on a memory
Ain’t no place I’d rather be
Than with you, yeah
Lovin’ you, well, well, well

Day will make a way for night
All we’ll need is candlelight
And a song, yeah
Soft and long, well, ooh

Glad to be
Here alone with a lover unlike no other
Sad to see
A new horizon slowly comin’ into view, yeah

I wanna be livin’
For the love of you, oh, yes, I am
All that I’m givin’
Is for the love of you, alright now, ooh

Lovely as a ray of sun
That touches me when the mornin’ comes
Feels good to me, yeah
My love and me, well

Smoother than a gentle breeze
Flowin’ through my mind with ease
Soft as can be, well
When you’re lovin’ me, when you’re lovin’ me, ooh

Love to be
Ridin’ the waves of your love, enchanted with your touch
And it seems to me
We could sail together in and out of mystery, well

I wanna be livin’
For the love of you, alright now
All that I’m givin’
Is for the love of you, you got me, girl

I wanna be livin’
For the love of you, alright now
All that I’m givin’, givin’
Is for the love of you, oh, yes, I am

Paradise I have within
Can’t feel insecure again
You’re the key, well
And this I see, for I see

Now and then I lose my way
Usin’ words that try to say
What I feel, yeah
Love is real, oh, love is real, ooh

I might as well
Sign my name on a card which could say it better
Time will tell
‘Cause it seems that I’ve done just about all that I can do

I know that I’m livin’
For the love of you, oh, yes, I am
I know that I’m livin’
For the love, love of you

Every, every day I’m livin’
For love of you
I’m livin’ for the love
Each and every day

I’m, oh, whoa, I’m, oh, yes, I am
I wanna say it one more time
Said I’m livin’
For the love

Each and every day I’m, oh, whoa, I’m
Lord knows I am
Write that down
Said that I’m livin’
For the love, love of you
Ooh, ooh

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame page on The Isley Brothers

The Hotel Book: Great Escapes Africa

Organic luxury

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a vacation in Africa or never even considered it, take one look through this book and you’ll be planning your next five holidays before you know it. Our selection of the most splendid getaway havens nestled throughout the continent is sure to please even the most finicky would-be voyagers. Everything you need to know about each hotel, including pricing, services, contact information, and reading recommendations, is provided alongside opulent interior and exterior photographs. Who minds sleeping under a mosquito net when it’s royally draped over your bed in a lush Kenyan open-walled hut fashioned from tree trunks and shielded from the sun by a sumptuous thatched roof? Or how about your very own South African A-frame beachside bungalow made of bamboo stalks? Seeing is believing, for sure, but even with the photos as evidence these places are not to be believed….

Taschen Books

Taschen is an art book publisher founded in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany. It began as Taschen Comics publishing Benedikt's extensive comic collection. Taschen has been a noteworthy force in making lesser-seen art available to mainstream bookstores, including some fetishistic imagery, queer art, historical erotica, pornography and adult magazines (including multiple books with Playboy magazine). Taschen has helped bring this art into broader public view, by publishing these potentially controversial volumes alongside its more mainstream books of comics reprints, art photography, painting, design, fashion, advertising history, film, and architecture.

Taschen's publications are available in a variety of sizes, from large tomes detailing the complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci, to surprisingly uncommon middle-sized books, to their "Icons" series of small, flexicover volumes which encapsulate themes of everything from old ads of Las Vegas, Nevada to male nudes. The company has also produced calendars, address books, and postcards of popular subjects.

The company's stated mission has been to publish innovative, beautifully designed art books at popular prices. The Icons series, for example, has several new volumes published a year, and retailing for about $10 are inexpensive for published collections of art.

Taschen has published the second most expensive book in publishing history, the $12,500, 75 pound, 700 page GOAT (Greatest of All Time), a tribute to Muhammed Ali which Der Spiegel called "the biggest, heaviest, most radiant thing ever printed in the history of civilization." They have also published the $1500 Helmut Newton retrospective Sumo and a $2500 limited edition Araki volume.

Dedicated flagship Taschen bookstores are located in Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Paris.