Monday, September 14, 2015

TED Radio Hour - Screen Time

Screen Time
TED Radio Hour

Part 1
September 11, 2015

It's normal for us to always be glued to our screens. So how are they changing us, and how will they shape our future? This hour, TED speakers explore our ambivalent relationships with our screens.

How Are Our Screens Changing Us Now?

Amber Case: Are Our Devices Turning Us Into A New Kind Of Human?

Rana El Kaliouby: Will Our Screens Soon Be Able To Read Our Emotions?

Dimitri Christakis: When It Comes To Kids, Is All Screen Time Equal?

P.W. Singer: How Are Screens Changing The Face Of War?

Chris Milk: What Happens When We Step Inside The Screen?

Part 2
September 18, 2015

When we go online, we present a digital version of ourselves. How do we transform when we interact inside our screens? In this episode, TED speakers explore the expanding role of our "second selves."

Jon Ronson: How Can Our Real Lives Be Ruined By Our Digital Ones?

Philip Rosedale: Why Build A Virtual World?

Jennifer Golbeck: What Can Companies Predict From Your Digital Trail?

Adam Ostrow: After You Die, What Happens To The Digital You?

Abha Dawesar: How Do Our Screens Distort Our Sense of Time?

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