Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Blue Marble

Everyone knows that NASA studies space; fewer people know that NASA also studies the Earth. Since NASA's creation almost 50 years ago, it has been a world leader in space-based studies of our home planet.

Earth Observatory

Earth Observing Missions

Earth - World Book @ NASA

(what was once...) The Flat Earth

Copernicus - Copernicus' hypothesis contradicted the account of the sun's movement around the earth that appears in the Old Testament (Joshua 10:13).

The Flat Earth Society
(an obvious joke... we hope)

(also) Gaia - The Earth as spiritual and scientific ecosystem.

Gaia as a Greek and Roman goddess, also known as the Earth Mother.

Gaia as a set of philosophical views based on Gaia theory and the concept of a "living planet."

Gaia Theory (scientific) hypothesis that the living matter of the planet functioned like a single organism.

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