Sunday, January 09, 2005

Splash Damage

Splash Damage

Splash Damage is a London-based independent game studio dedicated to online gaming, and has rapidly established itself as one of the leading First Person Shooter developers in Europe.
Splash Damage was formed in June 2001 from key members of the non-commercial online mod-making community. Splash Damage built on the experience gained by its staff in projects such as Q3F to work in partnership with established developers and publishers, and ultimately create stand-alone original games titles.

Splash Damage built bespoke Counter-Strike and Quake III maps for Games Domain. Splash Damage then worked with Network Of the World and Gamer.TV, providing both custom maps and an in-game television production solution. Splash Damage staff worked to produce and present over 150 TV shows based on Quake III Arena.

In 2002, Splash Damage began a partnership with id Software and Activision to work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (free game) which has won several Game of the Year and Editor’s Choice and remains one of the most popular online FPS titles.

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